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3 down, 4 to go

June 23, 2008

An update from my “2 down, 5 to go” post last month…

3. The Mayor’s Task Force on Waterfront Parking has completed its mandate. I presented their 17 recommendations in a report to City Council last week. Some simply ask the City to advance commitments already made, others suggest new initiatives or ways to improve existing programs.

The task force reviewed each suggestion it received. They were assessed according to a set of principles adopted at the beginning of the process. The potential impact on the local economy, taxpayers, social health, ecosystem and the White Rock “experience” was considered.

While all 17 recommendations were endorsed by the majority of members, 13 of them achieved consensus. 5 of the 8 members were appointed by the Business Improvement Association. Those representatives were in agreement with all 17 of the recommendations.

Parking has been a favourite topic of complaint for decades. These recommendations are a determined step toward addressing this Achilles heel of the waterfront business district.

4 – 7. I’m hoping the Spirit Square design will be resolved tomorrow, the Housing Diversity Task Force report will be in front of Council in a couple weeks, the cultural strategy and public art policy will likely be deferred until September, and the Spirit of the Sea Festival planning is progressing quickly. However, over 150 volunteers and at least $30,000 is still needed.

cynical contradictions

June 21, 2008

Messages coming through loud and clear from residents:

• I want more public input, but I don’t want to attend any meetings and can’t be bothered to fill out forms or watch for notices.

• I want a quiet city but I don’t want to walk.

• I want clean air but I want to drive everywhere I go.

• I want lots of parks and green space, but I want to park in front of my destination.

• I want lower taxes, but the City should solve all my problems for me.

• I think the City has too many bureaucrats so I want them to be accountable by publicly listing every dollar they plan on spending with proof that it will work, then report on every dollar they spent and prove that it was worth it.

• I want to live in a small town but expect all the same services as a big city.

• I want waterfront parks but I don’t want the City to lease BNSF land.

• I agree that public spaces should be accessible but I don’t want White Rock to change.

• I want White Rock to invest in parks where the most people will actually use it, but I think the Spirit Square should be beside the White Rock or on East Beach.

• I bought a house with only one parking space even though I have two cars and it’s all the City’s fault that I don’t have anywhere to park my other car.

• I bought a house in a floodplain but it’s the City’s fault that it floods during storms.

• The City doesn’t listen when I’m complaining about how they never listen to me.