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yet another Coleridge distortion

November 13, 2008

The mailing sent by Council Candidate Coleridge this week, titled White Rock Election News, contained quite a lot of inflammatory charges and half-truths twisted into new meaning.

I don’t see how this kind of behaviour promotes or supports the kind of community all candidates have said they want for White Rock — one that is friendly and proud. This kind of deceptive campaigning only promotes fear and supports anger. How do you think that effects relationships within the community?

Please note that one “fact” presented by Coleridge is correct only by ignoring other related and important facts. He states that Bosa was permitted “2 additional floors with no additional amenities provided to the City.” The rest of the story is that the additional two floors resulted in a higher purchase price for the City property and higher DCC fees collected. The only reason a larger amenity contribution under the Density Bonus Policy was not received is because the value of what they had already included in their project still far exceeded the amount required — they gave more than they had to, even with the additional two floors.

OCP myth

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is all about building height and density.

The OCP deals with a wide range of important issues, such as parks, jobs, community services, art and heritage.

There are 158 policies. Five are on town centre height and density – discussed on 8 of the 71 pages. Transportation and the environment each have at least twice as many pages and policies.

Though important, town centre building height and density is actually a very small part of the OCP.

You expect your elected representatives to do their research before making decisions about your community.

I do my homework. Because sometimes common sense by itself isn’t enough.

experience & work ethic myth

Matt Todd is inexperienced and doesn’t know hard work.

I wrote several reports without spending a penny on expensive consultants.

My work triggered new bylaws all across the region. I am now on the Executive Board of Directors for the Lower Mainland Local Government Association representing 31 cities.

I have an excellent attendance record for City meetings and a reputation for arriving prepared having read the material provided and done additional research.

Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I contribute far more than simply attending meetings and ceremonies.

My list of promises might not sound as great as other candidates, but I won’t promise you anything I can’t deliver.

I am honest with you. Because public trust depends on it.

residency myth

November 11, 2008

Matt Todd doesn’t live in White Rock.

I live in White Rock [full stop].

It was a personal goal to own my home before I turned 30. I beat my deadline by 5 days. I bought the apartment I live in at Merklin and Thrift in November 2004.

The renovations took a long time, but I’ve now been a White Rock property owning resident for over 3 1/2 years.

You expect your elected representatives to be honest with you.

I’ve told you the truth, even when it wasn’t politically convenient. Because public trust depends on it.

interest rate myth

The City lost $600,000 of interest in the Town Centre land sale.

The choice was between $6.3 million or $7.7m. City Council chose to get more money for taxpayers – an additional $1.4m by opting for phased payments secured by a second mortgage.

Over the length of the payment period, this is the equivalent of earning an annual interest rate of over 5.4%.

The risks were analyzed prior to entering the agreement. It was a good deal that made more money for taxpayers.

You expect your elected representatives to get their facts straight before making critical statements.

I do my homework. Because sometimes common sense by itself isn’t enough.

internet footprints

Is James Coleridge lying?
It looks like he is. There is no evidence to back up his claims that he did not send the “Baker” emails and is a victim of identity theft.

Three weeks ago, an email full of lies about a number of candidates was sent to a lot of people by “Alison and Tom Baker”.

It seemed suspicious. The language used sounded just like James Coleridge and the text contained mangled interpretations of facts – facts that would be hard for most people to compile just because it would take sifting through lots and lots of tedious reports… unless provided by a councillor.

I don’t know very much about computers, but I know enough to ask the right questions. I searched on the Internet to find out how to track down where an email message came from. I followed the instructions and it appeared as though the message from “Alison and Tom Baker” actually came from James Coleridge’s computer. Read on »

hard(ly) at work

November 10, 2008

Three incumbents should be embarrassed by their terrible attendance record. The Councillors occupying Council chairs the longest (21 years for Coleridge, 15 for McLean) attended the fewest meetings. Now that they’re criticizing Council decisions, the question has to be asked, did they actually attend the meetings when the information was provided and decisions made?

It should be no wonder that Mayoral Candidate Ferguson and Councillor Coleridge aren’t aware of some key information. Were they there when it was presented and discussed? Looking at their attendance record, it’s clear, chances are they weren’t.

Some candidates have anchored their campaigns on statements about “common sense” and how hard they work. I’ve written several times about why I think “common sense” is an intellectual cop out. But let’s look at this claim of hard work by Ferguson. Read on »

better than ever

Some of the comments from candidates and citizens during this election is depressing. They make it sound like this is a horrible place and nobody likes living here.

Someone wrote a letter to the editor saying White Rock isn’t as good as it used to be. I’ve lived here 30 years and I’ve listened to many stories from people who pioneered this community. So, I was left wondering… not as good as… when?

  • Not as good as the 40′s when the whole area was essentially a clear cut?
  • Not as good as the 50′s when they still had gravel roads?
  • Read on »

secret mortgage myth

November 8, 2008

The terms of the Town Centre land sale were secret until now.

The price and payment details were announced by a front page article in the Peace Arch News on March 19 2005.

The full contract was posted on the City’s website home page for about two years. It has remained available on the Town Centre Information page since December 2007.

Both councillors now claiming ignorance were provided with detailed explanations during their Council Orientation on December 01 2005.

You expect elected representatives to get their facts straight before making critical statements.

I do my homework. Because good decisions depend on it.

growth myth

White Rock is growing rapidly.

From 2001 – 2006, White Rock grew an average of 1/2% each year (total increase of 505 people). South Surrey grew 4X faster (6,397 more people).

Statistics Canada data shows that the rapid growth this community is experiencing is not actually occurring within the City of White Rock boundaries.

You expect your elected representatives to do their research before making decisions about your community.

I do my homework. Because sometimes common sense by itself isn’t enough.