constructive citizen engagement

I strongly encourage everyone interested in making positive change in their community to attend the workshops being facilitated by Dream Vancouver, Oct 21 & 22. They are about successful methods for fostering civic engagement.

Appreciative Inquiry and Imagine Chicago were studied by White Rock’s Social Committee last year and the year before, first in creating the Social Strategy, then in developing recommendations for the Communications Plan — which is expected to be completed by the end of this year or very soon after.

The more people in White Rock who are practiced in these processes, the more constructive our public dialogues will become. Certainly local government has a responsibility to consult citizens, but it does not have a monopoly on public forums, nor should it. Why does this community often seem to surrender public dialogue to the City?

We know people want to talk about certain issues… so let’s not demand that City Hall create a public forum, let’s do it ourselves. We can invite City Hall to attend.

Join me in taking these workshops. We’ll use what we learn to nurture more constructive citizen engagement in White Rock.

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  1. Donna Polgar Says:

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    We are not metropolis Vancouver or Chicago. It doesn’t make sense to me (other than of interest) to think that big city planning can be useful in a small town of approx 5 km in size. Why don’t you look at other small coastal towns that have been successful in their town planning?

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