If we’re destroying our own habitat as a result of our choices of what kind of car, clothes and food we buy, and if healthier choices are available on the market, who’s fault is it?

Is it the government’s fault for not limiting access to the things that are bad for us, or for not forcing us to choose things that are better for our health? Should we, as individuals, take responsibilty for our own choices?

Why are we so quick to blame government for global warming, cancers, depleted fisheries, etc?

Demanding change from government is much different than blaming, and that demand has a lot more credibility coming from people who have already made effort to change their own life choices.

Why do we, as a society, refuse to make healthy choices unless government forces us to do it, then complain loudly about government paternalism?

Why are we an obese nation gasping on polluted air? It’s as if we give government our proxy for willpower and foresight.

I’m not arguing against government regulation or intervention, but seriously, if we know our past choices are making us sick, shouldn’t we start making different choices now? Why wait for government to force us to do it?

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