agreed: delay unreasonable

I agree with the points made by Mr.Hughes in his letter printed in today’s Peace Arch News.

I also agree that the sidewalk replacement took far longer than it should have. That’s why I kept asking Council to stop insisting on micro-managing then dithering on the town centre streetscape. The torn up street was left incomplete while City Council decided to not decide before finally accepting what had been planned right from the start. The Councillors now complaining that it took too long to finish the sidewalk have absolutely no one to blame but themselves.

Below is Mr. Hughes letter.

Sidewalk delay not reasonable
Published: August 19, 2008 1:00 PM


Re: Coleridge blasts city over sidewalk, Aug. 15.

Upon reading the article regarding the crosswalk at Miramar Village, I feel compelled to enlighten Coun. Matt Todd on a few things.

Firstly, with regards to his comment that “no one is forcing people to use the sidewalk,” it should occur to Todd the citizens of White Rock pay for that sidewalk.

We did not tear up the sidewalk; Bosa Properties did. We do not control the construction of the Bosa development; the City of White Rock does. Therefore, the onus is on the city to ensure the public thoroughfare is passable, safe and made usable in a reasonable period.

There was nothing reasonable in the amount of time required to recreate the crosswalk and sidewalk.

It seems interesting the “new” sidewalk ends right at the end of the new building. What we have for a sidewalk now is asphalt. Perhaps Bosa did not want to pay for a sidewalk they would be digging up in a year?

And no, Matt, we don’t want you to hold our hands; we just want you to do your job.

Steven Hughes, White Rock

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