As a result of my initiatives, White Rock now has:

  • bylaws and regulations that allow legal secondary suites
  • a transportation strategy giving direction for improving all forms of mobility, including walking, cycling and cars
  • recommendations for improving the quality of life, including new ways for council to engage and communicate with citizens
  • a draft bylaw with clear criteria for protecting trees and agreement to plant more trees in appropriate places
  • the rest of the region following its example for smoke-free public spaces
  • a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving waterfront parking
  • direction for ensuring the future will continue to have housing options for seniors, families and people with disabilities
  • professional processes for supporting and encouraging quality public art

Unfortunately, many of these achievements are simply plans for action. White Rock needs a Council that is able to stay focused on following through with its plans. I’ve demonstrated that I have a consistent vision and the tenacity required to achieve it. That’s why I’m asking for 3 more years as a City Councillor – to finish the work I’ve started.

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