shelf life of a councillor?

Should there be term limits for city councillors?

Personally, I don’t think so. However, sitting in a councillor’s chair should not be a life-long occupation.

We have candidates who are already in their 3rd decade of sitting on council and halfway through their 2nd decade. Ironically, they are the ones on the slate with “renewal” in its name and calling for change on council.

I agree that room should be made for new voices and perspectives on city council. The question is, who should be removed in order to create that space? Logic would suggest, those who’ve been there longest should be considered for the trapdoor-in-the-floor first.

Whose time is up? It’s up to voters to decide.

If you think term limits might be a good idea, don’t vote for the candidate who’s already been in a council chair for over 20 years: Coleridge.

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  1. Lora Danyluk Says:

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    I have just been researching council meeting attendance – Coleridge, McLean and ironically enough Ferguson have the highest non-attendance rates……

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