2008 election platform booklet

I’ve compiled a small booklet for my election platform. I’m hoping the pictures are engaging enough and text simple enough that people will flip through it all.

I hope the booklet conveys clearly that, as dysfunctional as this current council may be, I was still able to get a lot done. The list on pages 2 and 3 are items that probably would not have happened had I not pushed hard for them. Other councillors would like to take credit now, but the truth is, there was almost no support on council to pursue them before I first started working on each of those issues.

The girls on pages 6, 7 and 10 are my little sisters. Another sister, Shambrai, took most of the pictures. Pasted below is the text from my 2008 Campaign Platform booklet.

White Rock City Councillor
Bold & open leadership

Serving you for the past 6 years has been a great honour. As a direct result of my efforts, White Rock now has:

  • legal secondary suites
  • transportation strategy for improving conditions for walking, cycling and cars
  • recommendations for council to better communicate with citizens
  • draft bylaw for protecting trees and plans to create a view-sensitive tree planting program
  • a leading role in the region for smoke-free public spaces
  • full set of recommendations for improving waterfront parking
  • direction to ensure there is enough housing for seniors, families and people with disabilities
  • support for more quality public art

Many of these are just plans for action. White Rock needs councillors who are able to stay focused on following through with these plans.

I have also advocated for changes:

  • in higher standards for building design for a more attractive city
  • for engaging youth in meaningful ways
  • to make the City a leader in environmental responsibility

Provided leadership as a volunteer:

  • directed the 2007 & 2008 Spirit of the Sea Festival
  • created the opportunity for the Sandcastle Competition revival
  • established a new scholarship with the Peninsula Arts Foundation
  • designed graphics for the WRSS Foundation, Youth Ambassadors, Communities In Bloom, Spirit of the Sea Festival
  • mentored youth initiatives and school projects

happy VISION

  • special needs children or seniors needing more care can live close to their families
  • both service workers and successful entrepreneurs can live and work in White Rock
  • friendly place where people feel accepted and included

engaged VISION

  • information about City decisions is easy to access
  • strong sense of community and connection to City Council

healthy VISION

  • convenient ways to get around in addition to driving
  • streets are safe for walking and cycling

green VISION

  • more natural areas
  • trees planted in areas not view-sensitive

responsible VISION

  • density placed only where services such as a grocery store and public transit are within short walking distance

economic VISION

  • more tourism activities on the waterfront
  • an environmentally responsible marina
  • a cycling path from Blaine to Tswwassen ferry terminal

You want the City to take no more of your money than necessary and constantly look for ways to save. I will continue working to get you even better value for your tax dollars.

You expect your elected representatives to work hard. And I have:

  • excellent attendance record for Council meetings
  • delivered the following reports:
    – Arts Centre Task Force Report
    – Social Strategy
    – Housing Diversity Task Force Report
    – Report from WALK21
    – Mayor’s Task Force on Waterfront Parking
    – Policy paper on smoke-free public spaces
    – Interim Cultural Strategy.
  • frequently updated my website where I discuss local issues – MattTodd.ca

I’m open-minded, do my homework & think long-term.

You can always count on me to be honest about how I see things.

We need councillors more interested in building agreement than proving their differences. I have a proven record of finding common-ground solutions.

vote Matt Todd
604 535 9890

3 Responses to “2008 election platform booklet”

  1. LISA Says:

    Visit LISA

    There is an experimental initiative in Toronto, whereas, 20 “filling stations” sprinkled around the GTA are going to being tested. Electric vehicles need “fuel” and without “filling stations” electric cars will not be as prevalent on the roads as gas consuming vehicles. do you see a fit for white rock to embrace electric filling stations, thus creating a new vibe for the geographic area, a new revenue source, and facilitating electric vehicles visiting white rock?

    there is an initiative in London England for the cities fleet to become electric. Do you see a fit for white rock?

    There is a “brownfield patch” next to the white rock players theatre, in Brussels there is an outdoor market, complete with temporary structures made from pipe and brightly colored canvas fittings for the “roof” and “walls” – do you see a fit for white rock to have the outdoor farmers market permanently settled on the brown patch – which currently is unused.

    nice brochure – I hope you have the ability to get this out infront of citizens.

  2. LISA Says:

    Visit LISA

    oh ya – bio fuel vehicles are not being embraced by european governments because of the farming for food historical theory, the conflict of farming for fuel with the ability of citizens from third world (and first world) nations to survive, also the higher impact of environmentally responsible governing which electric vehicles provides. I was guest in the house of commons (England) last week and observed the ministers debating environmental topics, this was one of the topics.

    switching white rocks fleet over to biofuel may align with the american vision of a biofuel superhighway from california to bc, which premier campbell supported with “governor arnie”, but there is a canadian company manufacturing electric vehicles, conversion kits for vehicles can be purchased for less than $4K, also this would alleviate scooters/electric wheelchairs needing a tow when their owners run out of fuel on our sidewalks/streets at the same time increasing the geographic territory a scooter/wheelchair may cover in a days excursion.

  3. Matt Todd Says:

    Visit Matt Todd

    Electric fueling stations… sounds intriguing. I look forward to learning more. First impression is that it does sounds conceivable for White Rock. When I attempted to pitch an electric shuttle service along the waterfront this past summer, two electric charge stations would likely have been installed – one beside each of the public washrooms.

    Since then, I’ve heard that an electric car club has assembled a truck capable of the tasks I sent them a few years ago. I told them the weight, speed, inclines and distance between charges that would be necessary to be practical for use by our City crews. I’ve been checking in with them periodically to see if they’d achieved the standard yet. A couple months ago I received word that they think they’ve come up with something that would work. They offered to lend it to the City for field testing.

    If I’m re-elected, it will be easier for me to follow up on that offer and continue looking for ways to convert the City fleet to cleaner energy sources.

    My understanding is that the biofuel that is used by Lower Mainland municipalities (and that would be the same source for White Rock) is derived from waste oil, not food crops.

    I love the idea of the market at the old Esso site. I’ve been quietly advocating for a very similar idea for a few years – other councillors have also pitched ideas for the site – but it’s been a subdued conversation because the site is owned by Imperial Oil.

    They say they have no plans to sell the property any time soon. It is apparently too contaminated to develop. I assume they’re just sitting, waiting for the pollution to clear so they can get a better sale price. In the meantime, it’s being leased by Dr. Jackson for his staff, patients and tenants.

    I’ve had casual conversations with him about whether, after his customers again have access to his own parking, he would be interested in helping to create some sort of pavilion. He seemed open to the idea.

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