riddle me this

In a Peace Arch News article posted today, Councillor Coleridge, who has sat in a White Rock City Council chair for over 20 years now, says this of Mayoral Candidate Peddemors:

I find it very peculiar that, in the middle of a campaign, we would release one document because one candidate has asked for it. He should have asked for it to be made public sometime in the past four years, not during an election.

So, help me figure this out:

  • Coleridge is concerned that people have been asking for this information;
  • Coleridge says Council should have released the document sooner;
  • Coleridge has been on Council for the last 3 years;
  • … why hasn’t Coleridge requested that the document be released?

Why is Coleridge criticizing Peddemors for not making the request sooner, when he’s had 3 years to do it himself, but didn’t?

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