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Is James Coleridge lying?
It looks like he is. There is no evidence to back up his claims that he did not send the “Baker” emails and is a victim of identity theft.

Three weeks ago, an email full of lies about a number of candidates was sent to a lot of people by “Alison and Tom Baker”.

It seemed suspicious. The language used sounded just like James Coleridge and the text contained mangled interpretations of facts – facts that would be hard for most people to compile just because it would take sifting through lots and lots of tedious reports… unless provided by a councillor.

I don’t know very much about computers, but I know enough to ask the right questions. I searched on the Internet to find out how to track down where an email message came from. I followed the instructions and it appeared as though the message from “Alison and Tom Baker” actually came from James Coleridge’s computer.

Since I don’t really understand how it all works, I found a couple specialists on Internet security and electronic forensics. They analysed dozens of messages and affirmed my suspicions. I asked them to answer a list of questions about how likely it is that the messages came from anywhere else other than Coleridge’s computer. Without exception, their report uses phrases like “highly unlikely”.

They were careful to note that “nothing is impossible”. For example, it is within the realm of possibility that someone walking down the street tomorrow will get struck by lightening. It’s highly unlikely — almost impossible, but still within the realm of possibility.

Experts in computer forensics have concluded that it appears Coleridge faked the emails that spread lies about other candidates.

2 Responses to “internet footprints”

  1. Jon Says:

    Visit Jon

    At least you’re not bitter.

  2. Matt Todd Says:

    Visit Matt Todd

    No, not bitter. Just very disappointed. This kind of behaviour is exactly why so many people are so distrusting of politicians. It validates their cynicism. What’s most disappointing is that he keeps getting away with it.

    It’s bizarre. All elected people have to deal with this terrible stereotype, but the one in White Rock who actually fulfills the stereotype somehow manages to convince citizens that he’s an anomaly… And he is… But it’s the exact opposite of the popular perception. It is Coleridge who is the exception because he is dishonest and acts out of self-interest.

    It’s disappointing that enough people keep accepting his rhetoric that he keeps getting elected. If this were a community with a real news media presence, he wouldn’t last 5 minutes. He would have been exposed years ago.

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