Building height is not the linchpin of White Rock’s Official Community Plan.

To suggest, as many have over the past couple years, that the entire OCP is now null and void because council has allowed increased building height in a select area, is to admit that they don’t know what an OCP is and the purpose it serves. It also demonstrates an inflexibility and closed-mindedness that is most unfortunate. I’m not suggesting that everyone should accept the taller buildings. I’m not suggesting that everyone should be happy with them because I said so. I’m just disappointed when people write letters to the editor worrying of one thing (impact of building height on the character of the city) yet complain about something else (claiming that the OCP is now invalid). Such melodrama actually distracts from their concerns.

The shrapnel from those claims might do more harm than intended. It would be counter-productive to declare the OCP nullified. Building heights in the Town Centre are only one small piece of a very comprehensive document. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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