I lost the election

I’m sorry. I wish I could say that I tried. But the truth is, I didn’t. And the reality is, it wouldn’t have made much difference even if I did. The people have spoken. This is democracy in action… more to say on that tomorrow.

The preliminary results for White Rock City Council are as follows:

2764 Doug McLean
2705 Lynne Sinclair
2202 James Coleridge
1855 Al Campbell
1853 Mary-Wade Anderson
1809 Helen Fathers

The results for the other candidates are as follows:

1589 Grant Meyer
1529 Bill Lawrence
1514 Ken Jones
1490 Dave Chesney
1483 Teresa McFadden
1244 Glenda Bartosh
1044 Cliff Annable
992 Matt Todd
957 Roger Emmanuels
952 Larry Anschell
855 Dean Wautier
594 Haven Elliott
420 Steven Hughes
383 John-Paul White
307 Matt Steele
270 Michael Hammersmark
177 David Evans

2 Responses to “I lost the election”

  1. Lisa Says:

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    it was evident you didn’t try – I couldn’t figure out why a candidate would turn away people offering to help with their campaign… then I remembered, you’re totally exhausted. You took a couple of beatings on issues which were dear to you and didn’t take time to recover. Take time to re-energize your batteries, have some fun, remind yourself how to smile and laugh again. focus on YOU for three years doing what is FUN for you-you’ve spent 6 years working as a city councilor focusing on everyone else in White Rock – It’s ok to spend some time on you-you’re allowed and deserve it. If in three years you decide that fun is creating massive change in White Rock, or where ever, then come back at it with a fresh perspective, additional wisdom and 3 additional years of education, if not well then such is life.

    THANK YOU for everything you’ve done. You are one of the few city councilors who actually made a positive difference in this community through all the hard work YOU did, and the trust YOU have in citizens getting involved in creating a better city-REGARDLESS OF THEIR EDUCATION,EXPERIENCE, OR SKILL LEVEL. YOU STILL TRUSTED US ENOUGH TO LET US TRY BECAUSE OUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY WAS TO THE CITIZENS OF WHITE ROCK AND WE TOOK THAT EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY (and burnt ourselves out doing it too) .

    Too bad you’re also too shy to let people know the full extent to which you have worked for the benefit of the citizens in White Rock – I’ll respect your privacy on that one and not say anything.

  2. Dave Says:

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    You did a great job Matt, and the residents of White Rock all owe you a debt of gratitude. It is very clear to me that you actually care about the city and the people that live here.

    Thanks for your service.


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