I have two or three posts in my head that I haven’t written down yet. I’ve been distracted. Most of my time this past week and a half has been absorbed by a complete rebuild of the White Rock Youth Ambassador’s website.

The current site is difficult for the group to update. Consequently, they almost never do. The idea behind the new one is to make it as simple as possible to post pictures, updates and information about the community events and initiatives in which they are involved. Hopefully it will make it easier for the members to keep themselves organized and also be informative for the community about their activities.

If you’re curious, the trial site can be viewed at wrya.matttodd.ca. The current site (that is being replaced) is at wrya.ca. When the new site is thoroughly tested and polished, it will be moved to the wrya.ca location.

Now that I have a month of hindsight, hopefully I’ll have to some time soon to write about my thoughts on why I lost the election and what that says about our community, and what to expect from the new council and what impact to expect it will have on White Rock.

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