petition update

The lawyers representing the Coleridge and the City (two separate sets of lawyers) have asked for more time to prepare. We have agreed to immediately adjourn the hearing on Wednesday as soon as it begins. I expect the actual hearing will take place sometime in January, or even as late as February.

2 Responses to “petition update”

  1. Jamie MacDonald Says:

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    I was thrilled to see that you filed this suit against Coleridge and I agree totally with your stated reasons for doing so.

    I never believed the story about the letter and now he has admitted he knew all along that it was his wife – sure it was the wife! Of course no one believes that either, any more than the other lies he has told.

  2. anna Says:

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    Thank you for initiating this suit. I couldn’t believe that Coleridge was elected with all the question marks surrounding him, and am glad to have some answers. Although, as the previous poster said, I don’t believe his claim that it was his wife either!

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