step up or shut up

Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but why is it that I get complaints so often about the quality of design for new buildings in the city, yet when there is an open call for members to the Advisory Design Panel, not one responds? There seems to be no problem finding the time and energy to complain and write nasty letters, but not enough to be a part of a solution. If you have something to say about what the new buildings about your community look like, why not apply? Why not share your thoughts in a way that actually makes a difference? Why not help solve the problem rather than just complain about it?

Community isn’t about the government doing stuff for you, it’s about what everyone contributes to our shared experience. If complaining is your contribution, what kind of community are you creating?

If you think buildings in our city should be nicer looking, help make that happen. Apply to serve on the Advisory Design Panel.

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  1. Mike Lowe Says:

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    My wife and I find it difficult to apply for a committee position because: although we would be interested in participating to make White Rock a more interesting community, we are aware that most committees with the City seem to end up on the front page of the Peach Arch News in disgrace; with some sort of unfortunate incident which has occured, and an abandon ship mentality. Guilty by association is a powerfully distructive force.
    We see this occuring time and time again. It is also difficult to want to be part of a committe, when the committee chair(s) seems to be venting in public, via the Peace Arch News, their personal differences, like spoiled rotten children who are having a tantrum because they can’t get their way.
    We want to participate, but, if we can’t be proud of our association, of our work, of our committe, we choose not to participate out of fear of embarrassment of association. We suspect you already know all of these reasons for not participating.

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