2005 election platform

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

This is the text I used in my printed materials during the last election campaign.


My highest priority is making sure you get value for your tax dollar.

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Sometimes you get what you pay for. But the City must constantly look for ways to save.

The previous council met that challenge. We worked hard to spend more on fixing up our roads & sewers. We did some housecleaning to provide you with better service. We are constantly & continuously looking for ways to do things smarter, to do more with less.

As a councillor, I strive for Value & Efficiency.

My goal is to make White Rock’s tax increases lowest in the GVRD. It would be irresponsible of me to promise no tax increases. Due to inflation, our costs rise every year. We need to spend more catching up on repairs to roads & sewers. But I am very confident we are on track to hold the line while other cities’ taxes increase much faster.

Within my time on City Council, by being prudent & careful, White Rock will have gone from being among the highest taxed in the GVRD to the middle of the pack.

Considering our high standard of service, that’s good value.

White Rock is growing as a balanced community that is beautiful, green, welcoming.

Within my vision, I see…
~ lots of trees & flowers
~ attractive houses & buildings
~ more public art & ornamental utilities
~ appealing ways to travel the city without a car
~ opportunities for all ages & incomes to live, work & participate
~ people encouraged & recognised for contributing to a sense of community

My goals for the coming term are to…

~ ensure there is a diversity of housing in new developments

~ create new affordable housing

~ develop better building design guidelines in concert with the 2006 OCP review

~ establish an arts centre in the Town Centre

~ hold regular Town Hall meetings or Public Planning Sessions

~ improve public transportation & walking routes

~ draft a stronger tree protection bylaw

~ encourage community art projects

~ ensure the heritage registry is completed & the Living Legacy Project is well-established

~ create a system that ensures coordinated planning between White Rock, Surrey, hospital, busses, Peace Arch Community Services, & other important service providers.

Most of these are either long-range goals or ongoing initiatives. I hope to build upon these dreams, concepts, opportunities…
~ buried hydro lines
~ parkades off Marine Dr
~ parking solution for waterfront employees
~ summer beach shuttle to/from day-long parking
~ some sort of trolley, tram or streetcar
~ rollerblading/bicycle lanes
~ more environmentally responsible marina

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