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Saturday, January 27th, 2007

There are many accomplishments I am very proud of as a City Councillor. On this page I will list significant ones that I feel are personal achievements.

Legal Secondary Suites
bylaws and regulations that allow legal secondary suites

Marine Drive tree lights

Strategic Transportation Plan
specific directions for improving all forms of mobility, including walking, cycling and cars

Public Art Policy, New Public Art installations
professional processes for supporting and encouraging quality public art

More smoke-free spaces
Cities throughout the region are following White Rock’s example for smoke-free spaces

Draft Social Strategy
recommendations for improving the quality of life, including new ways for council to engage and communicate with citizens

Draft tree protection bylaw and commitment to create an urban tree canopy strategy
a draft bylaw with clear criteria for protecting trees and agreement to plant more trees in appropriate places

Mayor’s Task Force Report on Waterfront Parking
a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving waterfront parking

Housing Diversity Task Force Report
direction for ensuring the future will continue to have housing options for seniors, families and people with disabilities

Note: Many of these achievements are simply plans for action. White Rock needs a Council that is able to stay focused on following through with these plans.

[Last updated October 20, 2008]

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