U-Pass accountability

My competitor in the KSA election has done a great job on messaging. He has some strong sounding claims.

I do not intend to discount his successes over the past years. They are worthy. However, my question is, sooo… is that it? There are no tangible results. It appears that there have been more bridges burned than built over the past couple years, more opportunities missed than used. I congratulate Mr. Robertson on his achievements. I just think I can do better.

A campaign platform promise from the Liberals for the Upass is NOT money in the bank. There are very sensitive negotiations and much creative thought still required to complete this initiative. I have seen no evidence that Mr. Robertson has this capacity. On the contrary, a quick Google search finds articles and forums indicating that he may have done more harm than good over his tenure. The KSA needs someone with proven skills for finding common ground.

I already know many of the people that the KSA needs to work with to achieve the Upass. I have worked with them successfully in the past when I was on White Rock City Council. I can do it once again. My skills and established relationships would give the KSA a better position than Mr. Robertson can offer. He has been responsible for this file for years and accomplished little more than hollow promises and a record of failed offers. I can do better.

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