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This is my candidate profile for the upcoming Kwantlen Student Association election:

I am studying psychology and economics toward a masters degree in community planning. 

I offer a lot of practical experience to the role of External Affairs.
For example:

  • served on White Rock City Council for 6 years
  • successfully lobbied for new bylaws across the region
  • have positive working relationships with Translink & elected leaders throughout the region
  • I would bring a fresh, intelligent and cooperative approach to how the KSA deals with governments and other student unions. 

    Proven effective, I have the skills and experience needed to negotiate the U-Pass for Kwantlen. 

    2 Responses to “ksa profile”

    1. Student @ Kwantlen Says:

      Visit Student @ Kwantlen

      Why are you running for the Kwantlen Student Association when you have years of experience in City Council? This seems like a step down (way down) the ladder of success.
      There seems to be something odd with this new career choice.
      I think the students need someone who represents what they want. Most students at Kwantlen are between the ages of 18 and 24 who have never held a government or elected job.
      We need someone who can relate to the everyday student, rather than a returning graduate student who takes pleasure in working along side youth with no real-life career experience.

    2. Matt Todd Says:

      Visit Matt Todd

      I am running for the KSA because I have years of experience on City Council. I am a student at Kwantlen for at least another two years and I believe in contributing to my community. So if I have the skills to assist, why wouldn’t I?

      Helping out at the KSA is not a “career choice”; It’s community service. This year I helped negotiate the U-Pass BC contract on behalf of KPU students. I turned the student union building negotiations back to being in the KSA’s favour. And I hooked up the KSA with an independent management consultant to review KSA governance systems. I did all these things while putting in less time (i.e., got paid less of your student fees) than any other executive member of the KSA. I was able to do more with less because of my past training and experience.

      I think students want someone to do a good job at representing their interests. That’s what I offer.

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