After writing my post from this morning I was wondering, why do some people get so upset when it is revealed that they weren’t paying attention to something that maybe they ought to have? I wonder if this is another example of a culture that avoids taking personal responsibility for our choices. To blame government communications is to try to deflect taking responsibility for the fact that they didn’t think the information interesting enough to catch their attention until it had some obvious relevance to their personal lives. ie: “the City didn’t do enough to tell residents about plans to redevelop the town centre!” But yet those plans had been on the books and the subject of public meetings and newspaper articles since 1966. It has been a very active subject since 1987. There was a brief denial of logic for several years (“I don’t want it to make sense because then I would have to accept something I don’t think I will like”), but the body of evidence and principles only grew stronger.

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