armchair quarterbacks

My, my how quickly the tables turn when someone in the room has millions of dollars in their pocket. It’s surprising to see who in this community seems to find it so easy to spend other people’s money. It’s become a room full of righteous pick-pockets. Attempted extorion justified by the oft-repeated statement that Bosa should be “giving back to the community”. Greed is greed.

A lot of people seem to have a lot to say about how much money Bosa will make from their Town Centre development amendment. And as the figures fly, I wonder, so what?

It’s amazing how fast communist rhetoric shoots from the mouths of the most conservative conservatives as the community salivates over Bosa’s potential profits. I always thought I was a socialist, but here I am asking the question, why shouldn’t they make a lot of money?

I hope they do. If they make a lot of money, then hopefully other developments will follow. Those redevelopments bring opportunity.

In the meantime, all those who think that scanning the real estate listing makes them a pro forma expert should put down the calculator and think about the principles of a healthy community that need to be maintained and strengthened. Let’s stay focused on those, shall we?

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