New Year Resolutions for 2007

I. Build and support satisfying personal relationships

Spend more time with friends

• Go out at least once each week
• Have guests over at least once each month

Write birthday cards

• Design a birthday card

II. Be more effective in my role as a City Councillor

Conduct a performance review

• Collate data from 2004 review

Build stronger professional relationships

• Develop a contacts database
• Answer all communications within 2 days
• Show up on time

III. Communicate with clarity to infect people with optimism

• Rebuild website

Study and practice NVC

• Speak in positives

IV. Learn lots

Read no less than 5 books

• Choice Theory
• Consensus Decisions
• The New Suburbia
• Emotional Intelligence
• Psychology of Decision-Making

Finish writing papers on urban planning

V. Get fit

• Gain 10 lbs of muscle
• Walk no less than 4000 steps each day
• Do no less than 40 pushups each day
• Eat when I’m hungry

VI. Have more fun

• Learn to dance

VII. Establish greater financial stability and confidence

Start my own business

• Build 6 bird baths

VIII. Create a comfortable and impressive home environment

• Build arches
• Install hallway floor
• Install kitchen shelving
• Finish tiling kitchen
• File all paper piles
• Purchase dining room table and chairs

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