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February 16, 2008

At what point does an exaggeration or melodrama become a lie?

I certainly see no problem with exaggerating a point for emphasis or using dramatics to illustrate passion or inject some humour into a conversation. But when it falsely validates or amplifies fears in the community — when it becomes misleading — then it’s just a lie. I don’t think that’s acceptable behaviour for an elected person.

Citizens should be wary of Councillor Coleridge’s statements alleging that the City is secretly planning to sell parks, the beach is threatened as a swimming destination by pollution, or that the Spirit Square project will pave over the lawn. It makes for good political theatre, but none of it is true.

location deduction

February 4, 2008

It seems there is almost nobody who agrees with the proposed location of the Spirit Square. They say it should be further down on West Beach, or better yet, on East Beach — they need more down there, I’m told.

So, please correct me where my logic fails:

  • If parking in White Rock is a sacred obsession, then impact on parking lots must be none to minimal;
  • If a public square might be used for music or have people in it late at night and early morning, then it should not be in a residential neighbourhood;
  • If a gathering place can help bring people to local businesses, then it would best be located in front of businesses;
  • If it is expected to be used for celebrations, then it will need to be big enough to accommodate a stage;
  • If the intention is to create a meeting place, then it should be located where travel paths to many different destinations cross.

So… we need a wide space in front of businesses in a central place that won’t take away any precious parking… I can only think of one space along the waterfront that meets those criteria.

I’m glad Totem Plaza was created. It’s pretty to look at as I walk by to the museum or pier. But the purpose of this Spirit Square project is not to build another pretty monument, it is to create a space that functions exceptionally well as meeting place for friends, to watch passersby, or join a community celebration.

Memorial Park is the best place for a Spirit Square. It is the only waterfront location that meets all 5 criteria listed above.